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Load Test

SHIFT is the only company that can conduct high stress testing from all over the world!

About Load Test

A software system that looks working just fine, also can highly degrade its performance or even can stop when the system is under the condition of continuous operating, or when it is required to deal with large-quantity data requested from multiple users. Load test is a test to check if a system operates normally under high load conditions like mentioned above.

Features of our Load Test

Normal Load Test

Normally, when developers attempt to execute their own stress testing, they use multiple machines on their company network to conduct the tests.
This way of testing cannot detect the problems that occur on networks which are for services like ticket sales that there is network access from throughout Japan or even throughout the world. Of course, SHIFT also offers standard stress testing services using typical commercial load testing tools. However, we believe that using this type of test alone is not sufficient when it comes to stress testing.

Our Load Test

The stress testing services offered by SHIFT include access from our worldwide servers, in addition to standard stress testing. This allows us to truly create network stress conditions which are equivalent to stress conditions when the testing objects are actually relested. Our stress testing provides solutions to the issues with standard stress testing. In fact, this service goes beyond “testing”—it’s essentially a rehearsal for your actual releases.

SHIFT can apply high loads from...All over the world!So,you can raise reliability of your systems.

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