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CAT SaaS Service

We provide our CAT system which has been supporting high quality softwaretesting.

About CAT system

CAT is an integrated environment for implementing and supporting testing,
that is fast, reliable and easy to manage. Using CAT simplifies and unifies quality control for multiple locations through networks.

About TD (Test Design)

TD is our own test design supporting system. It eliminates unevenness of testing qualities among testers by making implicit experience and know-how of skilled testers apparent and by integrating them into the system. TD loads about 800 of standard check points for systems based on our large amount of test results.
CAT accumulates automatically standardized knowledge for every version and can apply test cases among projects.
With CAT, since you can control versions of test design data, it is easy to see their changes such as additions and deletions of the data among their versions.
Main function of TD
Setting Testing Items Setting Testing Patterns Applying test cases Standard equipment with 800 confirmation items
We consider test patterns based on conditions such as “All Combinations”, “All Pairs”, “Priority Method”, “Cover all levels, “Cover one element” We make an estimate as we create the test cases

About TCM (Test Cycle Management)

With TCM, you can visualize and manage progress and bugs of test groups in different sites in real time through networks. TCM makes our test practices available across multiple locations for us.
You can modify test cases during testing and retain the latest cases as your assets. It helps to improve qualities of test cases that are applied in next development.
Main function of TCM
Progress management for test implementation Quality control for test cases Convert test results into KPI format Progress graph that is easy to grasp the status
A functions to create progress reports and failure reports A function to assign test cases Visualization of test case completion rates of each tester
Upload/Download test cases (CSV format) Message alert to testers

The usage of CAT

Real-time progress management

SHIFT have low-cost and high-quality testing service with CAT!

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