Japanese Quality Software Testing Services

Features of our Service

Excellent Tester

We have our own recruitment standards based on our experience to hire  competent  testers.  To measure applicants' aptitude as a tester, we developed a tool, CAT.  It's pass rate is 3%. Our testers work on incentive compensation basis.

Well trained test engineers and testers

We have our own tool called CAT to ensure our testers have necessary skills to complete testing. The pass rate is 1.3% for test engineers and 3% for testers. Our specialized testers achieve high test design quality. Testers are assigned to different cases based on their specialties. This is a key to maintain our high quality testing service.

Various examinations with CAT

Examination for test execution Examination for test design Examination for test management Examination for CI
・Examination for testing skills and its aptitude
・It is not just speed, accuracy is more important

・Communicative Competence
・Aptitude for Testing
・Examination for test designing skills and its aptitude
・Combination and communication

・Ability to examine combinations
・Ability to analyze multi-step problems
・Ability to explain the problems/bugs
・Communication ability
・Ability to create test cases
・Aptitude test for project management
・Issues related to project progress management
・Issues related to project risk management

・Skills to plan ahead
・Skills to manage progress
・Skills to manage members
・Ability to handle risks
・Aptitude test for Java engineers
・Multiple-choice questions on Java grammar knowledge
・Simple Java descriptive programming

・Basic Java programming knowledge
As a result of hiring only testers with high QA aptitude, our excellent testing services help customers achieve high quality testing!!

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