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Features of our Service

Automated Test

SHIFT automates regression tests and troubleshooting tests  to make process of these tests efficient when the testing objects are upgraded.

Outsourcing service of test script creation

SHIFT provides two core types of test script creation support.
Service To create UNIT test scripts To create GUI test scripts
Test types White box test Black box test
INPUT ・Detailed design documents and other documents for the development
・Source code and existing test scripts
・Primary design documents and other related documents
・Manual test cases and existing test scripts (where no test scrips are available, test designing will be necessary)
Development language We support Java/PHP. The language does not matter.
Test Tools used in Shift
Build Ant、Maven
UNIT Test JUnit(Java)、TestNG(Java)、PHPUnit(PHP)
GUI Test Selenium(Browser)、QTP(Adobe Flex)
Inspection Checkstyle(Java)、FindBugs(Java)、CodeSniffer(PHP)
Coverage Measurement Cobertura(Java)、djUnit(Java)、Clover(PHP)

Case study of CI (Jenkins)

CI Server: Automatic test plug in
Summary The plugin lets you execute your customized EC-CUBE automated regression test on its management screen.
With this tool, you can easily install Continuous Integration (CI) without having a trouble to build complex environments.
Functions Automatic regression test
By executing automated test for basic functions on each page of EC-CUBE, we can find degraded data much faster.
When a test fails, the details of the test script are displayed on a list.
Test coverage visualization
It displays how much a test covered the testable area of the source code.
In particular, classes with low coverage will be listed on the bottom of a graph.
Automatic Cord Inspection
It automatically checks whether the EC-CUBE source code follows standard coding norms. The number of warnings appears as a graph, with a list of excerpted the warning details. The coding norms are based on standard Zend rules with some customizations made for EC-CUBE.
Writing code that follows the coding rules keeps your code maintainable and readable.
More Details

Our Service

  Service Input Output
1 Set up Jenkins
Install Jenkins
Install Recommend Plugins
We select and suggest the most suitable plugins for you from a pool of about 500 plugins.
[Term] 1-2 days
・Development Language ・Jenkins Plugin Manuals
2 Basic installation set
Set daily builds
Setting for automated release of testing environment
Adjustment for Inspection rules
We build an environment that enables you to execute CI smoothly
[Term] 3-5 days
・Operation procedure of the build process
・Coding Rules (Discussed as work progresses)
・Jenkins Setting Manuals
・Inspection Manuals
・CI Operating Environment
3 Installation and practical application set
(Developing core frameworks for unit testing creation)

Verification whether the configuration is test-ready
Developing shared libraries for use across each test
Creation of testing guidelines
We build a core framework for solid quality test creation.
[Term] 2-3 weeks
・Information on development framework
・DB for Unit test
・Guidline for Unittest
・Shared library for testing
・Sample testing code
4 Training support
Lectures based on the processes built in 1-3 mentioned above
We support you to utilize CI continuously in your company.
[Term] 3-5 days
・None (Output of 1-3) ・Know-how on CI practices
5 Test script creation service ・Detailed design documents and other related documents
・Source Code
・Existing scripts (if it’s available)
・Unit test scripts
・Primary design documents and other related documents
・Existing test cases/scripts (*where not available, tests will have to be designed in advance)
・GUI test scripts
6 Sales of Jenkins Enterprise ・None ・In Jenkins LTS, we provide suitable plugins and the latest Jenkins source code
・We provide support regarding all other open-source software Jenkins plugins and core Jenkins features

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