Japanese Quality Software Testing Services

Features of our Service

Japanese Quality Software Testing Services

Shift provides Japanese quality software testing and quality assurance. We have mechanisms and know-how to shorten delivery time and man-hours.

High Process Management

In the manufacturing industry, we subdivide each manufacturing process, and define the shortest amount of time needed to complete the each process. Along the line, manufacturing technologies are advancing to enable us to monitor and measure the performances of operation lines and to manage the manufacturing processes in real time. At Shift, we have incorporated these methods into our software test systems.

Ways of test management that have been often seen on site

1 Filing management
2 Managers communicate with each tester to determine progress
3 Managing estimated results and actual results in everday
4 Delay of the first action when “delay” is happened in a process

Shift performs all information control with CAT

1. Estimation of test progress based on previous results and experience
2. Speedometer showing the individual productivity of each tester
3. Real time testing progress of each tester
4. Estimation of the time needed to complete testing based on previous results and experiences

CAT(Computer Aided Test)

CAT(Computer Aided Test) is a nucleus infrastructure system developed by SHIFT to support software testing implemented by testers.

Major Features of CAT

1. It can manage test cases for each version
2. Links can be made with information of errors/bugs of previous related tests, and based on the information, determine additional test patterns for the current test case if they are needed.
3. Test cases can be created automatically.
4. Test progress and errors/bugs can be monitored in real time, and managers can conduct the central management for multiple locations.
5. Visualizing testers’ skills enables us to evaluate candidates fairly.
6. By managing systems with KPI, their improvement can be visible.
  • TD(Test Design)
  • TCM(Test Cycle Management)

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